Calculate Unit Size

You will most likely require:


For a 1 bedroom house / flat a 40-60 sq.ft. unit.

For a 2 bedroom house / flat a 60-100 sq.ft. unit

For a 3 bedroom house / flat a 100 - 150 sq.ft. unit


1 transit van = 35 - 50 sq.ft. unit

1 Luton van = 70 - 80 sq.ft. unit


We have a full range of different size units from 20sqft to 130sqft.


Please call us for assistance to help determine the size of unit you require.  If you have estimated incorrectly we can always allocate you a different unit. We are flexible here.




Here is a visual guide to different sizes of unit.

With over 8ft in height it is surprising how much you can get in a unit.


20sqft unit: 5ft x 4ft
45sqft unit
50sqft unit